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Mirka Innocent Girl

VirtuaGirl Mirka Innocent Girl

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The tighter the dress the better Mirka looks! Her body is perfectly proportioned and her skin is as smooth as warm milk. In the right sexy outfit your mind with teeter between wishing she would just take it all off, and hoping she slowly slinks out of her outfit so you can enjoy the long lingering sensation of seeing her beautiful body revealed like a gift unwrapping itself.
Laetitia Playful Girl

VirtuaGirl Laetitia Playful Girl

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Guessing Laetitia's origins can be a bit of a mystery. She has the deep tan of a Latina and the sweet angular face of a Northern European. In fact she is from Prague in the Czech Republic but her ancestry comes from all over the globe. You can feel all the sensual worldly experiences that she has enjoyed in every sexy move she makes while dancing for you!
Angelique Love Game

VirtuaGirl Angelique Love Game

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French starlet Angelique is a rare mix of Egyptian and Latin ancestry. The cultural combination of her many origins and the time she has been living in Paris create a unique tapestry for her life. Each performance by Angelique evokes a different part of her warm personality and lingers with you long after you are finished watching her.
Lorena Black Butterfly

VirtuaGirl Lorena Black Butterfly

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All the way from Spain comes sweet twenty-two year old Lorena. Lorena grew up in a rural area but was always attracted to the bright lights of the big cities. Now going from one major city's top clubs to another, Lorena is on her way to become a feature dancing icon. We are very proud of this extraordinary performance and highly recommend Lorena for your collection!
Chems Sublime Beauty

VirtuaGirl Chems Sublime Beauty

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A French phenomenon, Chems brings her petite body and sexy South East Asian heritage to the stage with her at some of the most exclusive private clubs in Bastia. Exotic and erotic, her performances are all about her special romantic chemistry with the audience!
Nella Roommate

VirtuaGirl Nella Roommate

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Nella came to us from the Czech Republic but her origins extend all the way to Cuba. Her ancestors left the Caribbean island in 1954 and settled in Europe. She's a mix of the elegant ‘old world' and the fiery intensity of an ‘island girl' as well. It's a powerful combination!
Katerina H Cold Drink

VirtuaGirl Katerina H Cold Drink

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Originally from Prague, Katerina H moved to Paris when she was only nineteen seeking to become an internationally known ballet dancer. She is now twenty-two and still working toward that goal. If you look at her legs you can already see the amazing level of fitness that has resulted from years of professional ballet training.
Katty Initiation Rites

VirtuaGirl Katty Initiation Rites

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Devilish little Katty loves the attention that she gets when she steps on stage for you. She used to work for a lingerie design company and even did some of the style work herself, so she knows which outfits work best for her body and she is quickly becoming one of our more popular models. Stylish, sultry, sexy, that's Katty!
Zoe Vip Cabin

VirtuaGirl Zoe Vip Cabin

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Dark hair, caramel complexion and the most mesmerizing pale green eyes! Zoe is a combination of characteristics that seem at first to be contradictions. Is she a sweetheart or a dominatrix, a classy good girl or a nasty dirty slut? When you get to know her better you'll find out that she is all of those things and more rolled into a single tight package!
Monica Sweet Night Fever

VirtuaGirl Monica Sweet Night Fever

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Adorable petite Monica Sweet is a performer we have had in our studio several times to put on a variety of shows because of her huge popularity with all of our members. We have to admit, we were not overly-impressed with her first performance, but our members said she just needed a second audition… and as usual they were right!
Elya Artistix

VirtuaGirl Elya Artistix

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Parisian model Elya is many things but boring is never one of them. She is quite a good cook, an exceptional student and soon will become a real life nurse. Just imagine what it would be look to see her smiling face and sexy body standing next to your infirmary bed!
Carol G Under Fire

VirtuaGirl Carol G Under Fire

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Let's let you in on a bit of a secret. You'll notice some girls are on VirtuaGirl a lot more than others. A girl like Carol has already been featured in many scenes and has built up quite a collection. That's because she is so easy to work with and so popular!
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