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Melisa Buttercup

VirtuaGirl Melisa Buttercup

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Va-Va-Va-VOOM! Melisa has a body as hotter than any race car you have ever seen, and once she gets a motor running there is no way to hold her back. She's a wild girl and even when we are filming her for VirtuaGirl we are never quite sure what she might do next. The only way to find out is to see for yourself!
Angelique Flamingo Bar

VirtuaGirl Angelique Flamingo Bar

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French starlet Angelique is a rare mix of Egyptian and Latin ancestry. The cultural combination of her many origins and the time she has been living in Paris create a unique tapestry for her life. Each performance by Angelique evokes a different part of her warm personality and lingers with you long after you are finished watching her.
Jennifer Max Good Work

VirtuaGirl Jennifer Max Good Work

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Originally from Prague, Jennifer Max has made a name for herself world-wide as a hardcore Pornstar with many adult movies in her portfolio, but her true fans know her real skills are on their best display during her playful stage dancing performances like this one!
Morgane Wedding Night

VirtuaGirl Morgane Wedding Night

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Nineteen year old university student Morgane has burst onto the exotic dancer scene worldwide with a championship performance at the Prague Gentlemans Club Invitational competition. With her full natural tits, electrifying smile and warm eyes it's no wonder why the judges loved her! And we are confident that you will too!
Tereza Adrenaline

VirtuaGirl Tereza Adrenaline

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Her mother is Spanish and her father was a Czech. Tereza 's mixed heritage bestowed gifts unlike any of the other models we have seen. She is a rare combination of the porcelain complexion, long chestnut hair and high sculpted cheekbones of a Czech along with the fiery passion of an energetic Latina.
Nella Tequila

VirtuaGirl Nella Tequila

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Nella came to us from the Czech Republic but her origins extend all the way to Cuba. Her ancestors left the Caribbean island in 1954 and settled in Europe. She's a mix of the elegant ‘old world' and the fiery intensity of an ‘island girl' as well. It's a powerful combination!
Denisa K Betty Boobs

VirtuaGirl Denisa K Betty Boobs

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It may sound strange but Denisa is actually a very shy young lady. Off stage she doesn't speak much, she's always listening and trying to learn from hearing what other people have to say. Then when it's her turn to perform it's like a complete transformation takes place as she steps out on the stage and becomes a charming all-out powerhouse of a performer!
Liliane Tiger Black Gem

VirtuaGirl Liliane Tiger Black Gem

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Working with adult film star Liliane Tiger was a special treat for our crew and the results are surely a real treat for our viewers. She has starred in many erotic films but even most of her adoring fans have no idea that she is actually a classically trained dancer who performed in some of the most notable exotic clubs of Europe for years.
Laura Wet Kiss

VirtuaGirl Laura Wet Kiss

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Laura is from Grenoble France, the same region made famous by beloved icon of professional wrestling ‘Andre the Giant.' She may not be as imposing as the 7'4 400 pound giant, but she is making Grenoble famous in her own special way – by showing off her world class ass!
Monica Sweet Big Heart

VirtuaGirl Monica Sweet Big Heart

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Adorable petite Monica Sweet is a performer we have had in our studio several times to put on a variety of shows because of her huge popularity with all of our members. We have to admit, we were not overly-impressed with her first performance, but our members said she just needed a second audition… and as usual they were right!
Ashley Robbins Pleasant Village

VirtuaGirl Ashley Robbins Pleasant Village

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Her auburn hair may not be the natural color and it may not match her pubes (when she isn't completely shaved), but it shows you something about her personality. Ashley doesn't want to be just another stripper – she wants to capture your imagination and make you one of her fans!
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